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Garage Door And Opener Repairs Franklin, TN 615-467-5297We have a reputation for excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship among the residents of our community. The experienced technicians at Garage Door And Opener Repairs work hard to meet the highest standards for repair. We provide high quality materials, excellent repair and installation, quick response and knowledgeable advice. Each garage door we work on has the full attention of our crew. We know how to really listen to our customers so we understand what the problem is. We answer all questions completely. Our trained technicians have years of experience to pull from when they evaluate your particular needs. That lets them come up with the most efficient way to fix your problem. We always keep you fully informed about what we find and what we recommend.

Garage Door And Opener Repairs is proud of its inventory. We carry a wide range of attractive garage doors, from standard models to custom designs. We have doors for small homes, mansions and everything in between. With our experience, tools and expertise, we can customize garage doors to match your exterior décor and your preferences. We carry doors from respected makers, at a range of affordable prices that no other service provider can offer in the environs of Franklin, TN.


If your garage doesn’t have weatherstripping, your garage will be to some extent at the mercy of the elements. The garage door can keep out casual weather elements, but it can’t provide complete protection from water, drafts heat, noise, cold and wind. That requires weatherstripping, which covers the gaps around your door. Without weatherstripping, your garage will always be somewhat uncomfortable, either too hot or too cold. It also costs more money because your energy bills are higher. Weatherstripping fixes all that.

At Garage Door And Opener Repairs, we provide expert installation of weatherstripping to protect the interior of your garage from changes in the weather, changes in temperature, moisture, air currents and noise. Once the weatherstripping is added, you will notice how much more comfortable the garage is. This can actually add more living space to your home. Imagine your garage as workout space or additional area when you have a party.